1. Who are WPA Consultants Ltd?

WPA Consultants Ltd trading as WPA Environmental is a consultancy specialising in providing services concerning land affected by contamination and other environmental issues. Our core business is directed towards local authorities, developers and land owners.

2. What does WPA provide?

We provide technical advice and investigation services to regulators, due diligence advice and other services to the owners, occupiers and developers of land affected by contamination.

3. What is Landscan?

Landscan is the brand name of our IT services and data recording software. Essentially it comprises a database and mapping tool.

4. What is Quickscan?

Quickscan is a site screening tool incorporated within Landscan that assists with the categorising of sites and the prioritisation of work.

5. How does WPA Environmental deal with potential conflicts of interest?

When WPA Environmental has worked on a report that is to be submitted to the regulator and WPA Environmental is contracted to review such reports on behalf of the regulator there is a potential conflict of interest. To overcome such issues WPA Environmental has a protocol known as a Chinese wall. A consultant designated to work for a developer will not under any circumstance be permitted to review their own work or communicate with colleagues in a manner that would compromise a review.